ActiveFile™ SA : Physical Documents
ActiveFile™ SA version is designed to identify, track, recall and manage physical records (e.g. files and boxes) in your offices, filing cabinets, file rooms, and at a third-party record storage facility.
  • The SA version offers tailored information fields for each item.
  • Fields help describe, categorize and identify your records.
  • Users can perform full-text searches to locate and order items.
  • Reports can be created based on any information field.
  • Separate on-site and off-site disposal periods can be defined in retention schedules.
Versions SA (files)Versions SA
ActiveFile™ SAE: Physical & Electronic Documents
ActiveFile™ SAE version has the same features as SA, with the added capability of Electronic Document Management (EDM) on the same platform.
  • SAE works with documents from all Microsoft Office™ products.
  • Create, share, track and manage PDFs, TIFFs, images, voicemails and much more.
  • Pull a file, scan it and perform an OCR to index each word.
  • Associate images and eDocs with a folder stored in your file room.
  • Check out a document, make your changes and check it back in. All previous versions are saved and all ‘touches’ by whom and when are logged.
Versions SAEVersions SAE (electronic)